Men’s Ministry – This ministry provides fellowship, training and development of Christian men

Music Ministry – The members of these ministries play a vital role in collectively lifting their voices in praise.  During the worship experience they usher in the presence of the Holy Spirit and set the atmosphere for true praise and worship.  They assist those present prepare our hearts and minds to receive a word from God by the preaching of His Word by the man of God.

Clothing & Food Bank Ministry – This ministry attempts to show the love of God by providing clothing and physical nourishment for those in need.

Drama Ministry – This ministry allows members to keep the drama where it belongs, in acting.  They perform plays, skits and dramatizations throughout the year.

Liturgical Dance Ministry – This group worships God in dance.

Married Couples Ministry – This ministry provides fellowship between married couples while providing Godly instruction.  By doing so, the marriage is strengthened and address the problems that married couples face.

Mission Ministry – This ministry provides service to and comfort for our members that are going through a period of illness.

Pastor’s Aid Ministry – This ministry offers support to the pastor by assisting in meeting the financial needs of the pastor for education, travel and other occasions.

Singles Ministry – This ministry provides a time of fellowship for singles while teaching the Godly lifestyle of single persons.

Sunday School Ministry – This ministry provides a learning environment where one can obtain a better knowledge of God, experience His love and develop a lifelong relationship with Him.

First Touch Ministry – This ministry assists in ushering in the presence of God during the worship experience by offering assistance wherever needed.

Young Adult (Collegiate) Ministry – This ministry provides a time of fellowship among persons between the ages 19 through 30.  They come together to discuss relevant issues and are strengthened to walk as Christians in the world.

Youth Ministry – This ministry focuses on the young people of our Church and community.  We attempt to develop God fearing, Bible believing youth that know their purpose in life and develop and use their God given gifts to bring glory to God.

Hospitality Ministry – Men and women with a gift to serve find expression in areas such as catering, food service, and event hosting.  The goal of the Hospitality Ministry is to create an atmosphere of caring through action, and to be courteous to everyone in every way.

Marketing Department – Volunteers use their skill and expertise in project/special event planning, copywriting, editing, graphic design, and advertising to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the ministry of the church through available media such as mailers, flyers, newsletters, email blasts, and the church’s website.  This department also includes the bookstore which is our on-site source of for books, videos, CDs, and DVDs designed to strengthen and encourage the believer’s walk.

Media Ministry – The Media Ministries are committed to enhancing the worship experience for the church attendee and capturing the same experience so that the masses can hear and receive the Word of God.  The Audio, Presentation and Lighting Departments support all aspects of the Sunday services, conferences, and special events, while the Video Department is committed to supporting the local and national television broadcast.

Security – Whether serving in the parking lot, monitoring the facilities, or assisting in the worship services, the Security Ministry is dedicated to providing a safe and orderly environment in which members and guests can worship the Lord.

Transportation Ministry – The Transportation Ministry seeks to support members, visiting ministry guests, and special events that are in need of automotive travel.  Men and women with administrative skills can provide assistance in transportation scheduling while those who are qualified drivers offer safe transport of men, women, and children to and from the church facilities.